Buying Events

Patterned after our successful In-Store Estate Events, we have developed an In-Store Estate Jewelry Buying Event. But there's a big difference. In our Buying Event, you sit back and watch the customers pour in. At no cost to you and with little effort on your part, we'll bring hundreds of customers into your store and pay you besides. And our large ads will identify and differentiate your store as the leader in estate jewelry in your area.

Our pet peeve is the huge amount of jewelry gathering dust in drawers or safe deposit boxes. We desperately need merchandise for our Estate Events and our international clientele. You can help us by offering a service to your established clientele that will also attract new customers to your store. At the same time you will learn more about an exciting, fast growing segment of the jewelry business...and make money doing it.

From the public's point of view, this is entirely your event. We do everything to conform to your procedures and your image. Customers are treated in a polite, professional manner. There is no antagonism. You will truly be amazed at the satisfaction generated by this buying event. Younger customers who have older jewelry that doesn't fit their life style and older customers who buy more gifts than jewelry will be rushing into your store.
They will shortly have extra money to spend. What an opportunity.

Because of the huge investment in advertising and staffing on our part, we are being quite selective as to the stores with which we do these Buying Events. If you are interested and if you feel your community and store can generate the volume of estate jewelry to make this successful, please contact us as soon as possible.

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